Our range

Our core range focuses on chocolate ammonites and trilobites. We also revel in crafting tailored chocolates for customers’ special events.

Our ammonites are currently available in 8 different flavours catering for every chocolate palate, from the unusual fruity tones of Ruby to the addictive silky caramel of Gold.


We want to share the joy of chocolate around the world, therefore we partner with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

This organisation works directly with farmer groups, providing education, training and support for female and male farmers to excel in their craft. This allows individuals to thrive in their community and work in harmony with their natural environment.

The Environment

Our packaging and Inventing Kitchen

We take every opportunity we can to use recyclable, compostable, plant based packaging to minimise our impact on the environment.

Also, our super insulated Inventing Kitchen is powered by our own renewable energy.

A bit about us

A Chocolate Drop Mini History of us

Inspired by an ammonite found on the beach, here on the Jurassic Coast, our first Milk Chocolate Ammonite was created at the beginning of this century. It’s an exact replica of a real fossil dating back c200 million years.

Over time, our customers have requested new flavours and also a larger Milk Chocolate Trilobite was added to the family.

More flavours have been added such as the delicious caramel flavoured Gold chocolate, unusual fruity Ruby chocolate and coffee-lovers Cappuccino. We like to try out new things, inventing delicious ways to share our passion for all things chocolate.

We also get requests for bespoke creations for special events; these have included truffles, unusual bars, ladies portraits, chocolate eggs, hot chocolate spoons and animals!

We are a very small team but we love our chocolate lifestyle, so if you’d like to try a bit, we’d be delighted!

Mark and Madeleine

Being food lovers ourselves, we care about what goes into our creations. We hope the following information will prove useful. For specific information about ingredients, allergens and storage please check on the individual product labels. Please contact us if you have any further questions we can help with.

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If you would like to get in contact with us, please send us a message using the form opposite or contact us at info@jurassicchocolate.co.uk

We are always happy to discuss questions, chocolate dreams and we believe feedback is a gift!

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